Bicolour beans dried - LovePlantLife Seeds
Bean - Bicolour pean Sold Out - $4.00
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Crimson Popcorn seeds NZ packet $3.50 NZ Delicious seeds for New Zealand Gardens - LovePlantLife Seeds
Corn - Crimson popcorn $4.00
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Echinacea flower & medicinal herb - LovePlantLife Seeds NZ
Echinacea $4.00
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Sweetpea matucana. Fragrant duo-tone sweetpea - LovePlantLife Seeds
Sweetpea - Matucana $4.00
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Cavolo nero kale packet $3.50 NZ Delicious seeds for New Zealand Gardens - LovePlantLife Seeds
Kale – Cavolo nero $4.00
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Mesclun $4.00
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Pea - Snow
Pea - Snow $4.00
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Cleome flower seeds - LovePlantLife Seeds NZ
Cleome $4.00
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LovePlantLife Seeds NZ

Create a stunning, delicious and nutritious vegetable garden with LovePlantLife Seeds

LovePlantLife Seeds is a boutique seed business bringing the wonder of exquisite homegrown vegetables and the reassurance of food resilience to New Zealand gardeners. We provide delicious seeds for your food-growing needs.

Biointensive, organic grower. Growing on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.

We care about growing good food well -- without screwing over others or the planet.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • Plants are the best resources.
  • No one should go hungry.
  • Food needs to be about people, by people, for people.
  • Seeds are the start of everything. We need to know how to look after them.
  • Small-scale, local, organic production can save the world.

Our customers love us too

"Your catalogue is breathtakingly beautiful!  And so full of wonderful information. A work of Great Love. Thank you." D.S.

"Got my seeds without delay. Seeds are great quality, no problem with germination. Will definitely trade again.Thanks!" K.M.

"Good quality seed. Seeds started showing signs of germination within 48 hours when following the instructions provided." H.J.




How do I grow from seed?

October 25, 2016

It's time to get your seed on. Check out the spectacular selection of open-pollinated seeds at loveplantlife.co.nz and get ready to down and dirty with our tips on making the most of your seeds. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook as we walk you through how to get the best results from your little packet of seeds. We will be posting new info each day and have you sowing like a pro in no time. 

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Why autumn cover crops are so incredibly useful

April 13, 2015

Autumn cover crops Cover crops may just be one of the best tools for growing vegetables. Planting cover crops now will protect your soil throughout winter and will give you better vegetables next summer. Plants really do grow themselves when there is good soil.

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