How do I grow from seed?

It's time to get your seed on. Check out the spectacular selection of open-pollinated seeds at and get ready to down and dirty with our tips on making the most of your seeds.

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Why autumn cover crops are so incredibly useful

Autumn cover crops Cover crops may just be one of the best tools for growing vegetables. Planting cover crops now will protect your soil throughout winter and will give you better vegetables next summer. Plants really do grow themselves when there is good soil.

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How long until I can eat it? From seed to harvest growing guide

How long until I can eat it?There’s no time like the present to start growing, especially when you see how long it takes for food to grow. The chart shows how long you can expect to wait for your vegetables to grow from seed. These are estimated times – climate, soil conditions, water supply, different cultivars, farming methods can all give different results.

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How to grow from seed: The complete seed-raising guide for beginners

While seed growth may seem like magic, successful seed-raising isn't a mystical art. What I hope to show you is how to get the best results quickly and easily, so that you’ll continue to grow from seed. Often you see instructions that are overly complicated and need equipment or expensive inputs which turn more people off growing from seed. None of that here! I give you practical, easy advice that won’t cost a lot.

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