Borago officinalis 
2g = c.100 seeds

Believed to bring buoyancy to the soul. Loved by bees, the beautiful blue star-shaped flowers make a lovely addition to salads or in the ice-tray for G&Ts. A friendly flower that each day will open up new blooms for you to enjoy.

The young leaves can be eaten like spinach and any consumption of these plants will assist with the immune and nervous systems. Its potassium and calcium will benefit you and the compost bin - an excellent addition to your liquid feed mix.

A fabulous companion to tomatoes, strawberries and under fruit trees to attract bees. Plant them at the back of the bed as the rough and bristly stems can be quite painful. Will grow in any good soil and self-seeds readily.


Sow period September-March 
Soil temp for germ. Above 18°C 
Germ. time 10 days 
Plant initially in Trays or Beds 
Spacing: Conv 30cm Biointense 20cm Square ft 1 
Height 1m 
Position Full sun - light shade

Category: companion plants, flowers, herbs

Type: Seeds

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