Calendula officinalis

Approx. 50 seeds


One of the world's most popular domestic remedies & an absolute delight in the garden, everybody and every bee loves calendula.

Calendula is sunshine in a petal. This variety has been chosen for it's strong medicinal value; a wonderful remedy for skin problems, soothing and used widely for its antiseptic properties. Fresh petals are lovely in salads and can be used as a saffron substitute to colour and flavour rice. Has a similar nutritional profile to dandelion.

Fun and fast growing, calendula is a delight for kids. Will sit very nicely in your vege patch or a container. Grows almost anywhere there is good soil moisture, to a height of about 50cm. Plant raised seedlings 30cm apart. Calendula is an annual but so easily self-seeds, you'll think it a perennial.


Seed type: Open-pollinated, organic 
Days to germination: 5-10 days

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