About Us

Create a stunning, delicious and nutritious vegetable garden with LovePlantLife Seeds

LovePlantLife Seeds is a boutique seed business bringing the wonder of exquisite homegrown vegetables and the reassurance of knowing where your food comes from to New Zealand gardeners. We provide delicious seeds for your food-growing needs.


Our goal - to get the best seed to you to make your edible garden dreams come true

Because that fills us with joy. And makes the world a better, brighter, garden-filled place for us all to live in. We stock a curated collection of some of the finest kitchen garden seeds around for New Zealand gardeners.


Who we are

LovePlantLife Seeds is run by us, Anna & Richard Butterfield. We live on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. We use biointensive, organic methods to grow quality vegetables, herbs, seeds and then feed them to our two tiny humans. The surplus we sell to you (the plants, not the babies).

Not all the seeds are grown by us, we have other growers who grow for us and buy in some seedlines we think are special so you have plenty of variety. Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s the very stuff of life itself. We are very fussy about the seeds we sell.


What makes our seeds so special

Our seeds varieties are chosen because they are:

We hold 5 basic principles to be supreme


Our feedback rocks!

"Your catalogue is breathtakingly beautiful!  And so full of wonderful information. A work of Great Love. Thank you." D.S. - Johnsonville

"Got my seeds without delay. Seeds are great quality, no problem with germination. Will definitely trade again.Thanks!" K.M. - Wanganui

"Good quality seed. Seeds started showing signs of germination within 48 hours when following the instructions provided." H.J. - Tauranga

"Your seed descriptions should win an award...pure poetry." L.D. - Manakau