Beets - Rainbow brights

Rainbow brights beets
Beta vulgaris var. cicla 
Approx 200 seeds

Gloriously coloured stems of red, yellow, orange, pink and white contrast with lush green leaves to bring brightness and delight to your garden and plate.

-- Spectacular planted en masse as a backdrop for greens 
-- Dramatic in a bucket on the deck 
-- Grow in seed trays for beautiful baby leaf salads

No matter where you want these stunners to be, make sure the soil has plenty of compost dug in. Soak seeds overnight before sowing. Dig plenty of compost into the soil. Tolerant of most weather conditions, but not such a fan of frost.

Harvest leaves regularly to encourage new growth by snapping downwards. Leave at least 5 leaves on a plant to keep it healthy. Steam or microwave briefly and sprinkle with some lemon juice for serving. Cut up stems make great crudites for dips.


Sow period Spring and Autumn; anytime for baby leaf trays 
Soil temp for germination Above 10°C 
Germination time 10 days 
Plant initially in Trays or Direct 
Approx no. of weeks in tray 3-4 
Time till harvest Mini – 3-4 weeks Mighty -7-18 weeks 
Height Up to 70 cm 
Spacing Conv 30cm – Biointensive 10cm – Square foot 4

Category: greens, vegetable

Type: Seeds

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