Coriandrum sativum

Approx. 300 seeds

Also known as cilantro, this very quick-growing, bright green herb is renowned for it's exotic flavour and intense smell. Probably the most widely used flavouring herb in world cuisine. The seeds are popular medicinally to soothe stomachs or stored in the spice rack to add an alluring flavour to your dish.

A good companion plant in the garden, the flowers are very attractive to pollinating insects. Will grow easily almost anywhere. Does very well in a tray on the windowsill for easy snipping. Ideal in the cooler seasons, yet this seed has been chosen as it's slower to blot in warm weather. This pack should sustain your coriander hankerings year-round.


Sow period September-January 
Soil temp for germ. Above 10°C 
Germ. time 10 days 
Plant initially in Trays 
Transplant in 3-4 weeks 
Time till harvest (weeks): Micro 2 Mini 4 Mighty 7 
Spacing: Conv 45cm Biointense 15cm Square ft 4 or 9 
Height 30cm 
Position Part shade

Category: herbs, salad

Type: Seeds

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