Corn - Crimson popcorn

Crimson Popcorn 
Zea mays 
Approx. 50 seeds

The ultimate in organic, heirloom snack foods. An absolute delight, these beautiful shiny crimson kernels explode into little fluffy snow white clouds of yum. Has a nicely nutty flavour that’s simply delicious. This popcorn will win hearts, minds and tastebuds.

This highly decorative variety with cobs resembling big fat berries likes to be grown in full sun, rich soil & kept moist. Plant in a grid or circular pattern well away from other corn varieties. Feed with nitrogen-rich, fish fertiliser 3 times: once at planting, then at 20cm tall and when tassels appear. Leave to fully ripen on plants before picking cobs. After harvest, pull back the sheaths, leave in a well ventilated area and allow the kernels to dry on the cob for another month. Pop to your heart’s content in a hot pan. Don’t grow with other corn varieties.


Sow period October-January 
Soil temp for germ. Above 18°C 
Germ. time 10 days 
Plant initially In trays or direct sow 
Transplant in 2 weeks 
Time till harvest About 3 months 
Spacing: Conv 45cm Biointense 30cm Square ft 4 
Height 120cm 
Position Full sun

Category: grain, vegetable

Type: Seeds

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