Echinacea purpurea

Approx 120 seeds

Pretty flowers, powerful properties. Grow your very own antibiotics, right at your back door.

Echinacea has a well researched and confirmed reputation for enhancing immune function. It's widely used to treat a large range of infections, inflammations, hay fever, cold sores and slow-healing wounds.

Echinacea pupurea is best treated as a biennial that grows to about 90 cm and sown from seed. (Please note that seeds can take around 3 weeks to germinate). Best to sow pre-soaked seed into trays in early autumn, transplanting into the garden in spring. You’ll see flowering before the end of the next autumn. Echinacea loves full sun and can handle drought and wind, requiring only around 25mm of water per week through summer. Slugs and snails are its worst enemies – be warned!

The flowerheads of this variety can be made into a tincture at home to be used at the first sign of colds and flu. To make the tincture you take the fresh clippings and add them to as high a proof alcohol as you can find, to the ratio of one part plant to two parts alcohol. Mix in a blender before placing in a glass jar and leaving somewhere dark. Shake every day for two weeks before straining out the plant material and store the liquid in a cool, dark place.

Days to germination: 14-21 days

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