Lemon bergamot

Lemon bergamot

Monarda citriodora

Approx. 500 seeds


Lemon bergamot is such a joy in the garden with a beautiful fragrance that can be infused into all sorts of culinary treats. Just a couple of leaves makes a lovely, calming herbal tea. The wonderfully whorlish mauve flowers look magnificent and can be cut and dried or eaten. Keeps the right sort of company too, attracting bees, lacewings and hoverflies but repels the riff-raff with its lemony-ness.

Hardy perennial and is easy to grow. Deadhead regularly and it will keep blooming. One of the mint family and like its brethren does well in big pots with lots of surface area, not so much depth. Enjoys dry conditions and good sun.


Sow period September-March

Soil temp for germination  15-21°

Germination time  10-30 days

Plant initially in  Trays or direct

Height 120cm

Spacing 50cm

Position Full sun


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