Lettuce - Mixed

Mixed Leaf Lettuce
Lactuca sativa 
4.5 grams approx 4000 seeds 

A sensational, colourful blend of high-performers. Over 10 varieties of lovely lettucey leaves with which to create salad magic. Use as baby leaves or fine, full-grown specimens to feed a family.

Lettuce need to be grown quickly. Give them a good start with lots of organic content in the soil and keep them moist. Sow seed lightly in trays and either snip them at baby leaf stage or transplant as soon as large enough to handle, before they have six leaves. Plant out at 20cm intervals. Snip down to 5cm after leaves are more than 10cm tall and to produce more leaves. Easy to grow in pots. Try planting a dozen seeds every 2 weeks year-round for a continuous supply.

Lettuce will grow better in the cooler temperatures, but will grow year-round with shade or frost protection. Don't forget those slugs! Vigilant slug patrols in the evening or early morning is the best defence.


Sow period Anytime 
Soil temp for germination Above 12°C 
Germination time 7 days 
Plant initially in Trays 
Approx no. of weeks in tray 2-6 
Time till harvest Mini – 2-3 weeks Mighty -12 weeks 
Height 5-30 cm 
Spacing Conv 20cm – Biointensive 20cm – Square foot 4

Category: greens, salad, vegetable

Type: Seeds

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