Like it just stepped off the screen of your favourite food show, this potpourri of young and tasty leaves will look amazing on the plate and taste delish.

There is little in this life to make you feel truly virtuous than an organic, homegrown, fresh-as, crisp salad. Nutritionally jam-packed, calorifically small, these 14 varieties of leaf will invigorate your sideplate. Starring Kale, Beets, Corn Salad, Cress, Red Cabbage, Broccoli, 5 varieties of Lettuce, Spinach and Rocket to give it a bit of pep.

Mesclun is one of the easiest of all garden crops to grow. Sow the seeds and then begin to harvest the baby leaves in two to five weeks, depending upon the season and the temperature of air and soil. This is such a pretty crop, use it as an edible, ornamental border in the vege garden or grow in seed trays for a simple but elegant short-lived crop. Sow seeds every two weeks to ensure constant supply.


Seed type: Organic 
Seeds per packet: approx 3500 
Days to germination: 3-5 
Days to harvest: from 14

Category: baby leaf, greens, salad, vegetable

Type: Seeds

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