Spinach - New Zealand

New Zealand Spinach

Tetragonia tetragonoides

Approx. 40 seeds per packet


The living mulch that just keeps giving and giving and the only NZ native to be commercially cultivated for food – this vegetable is such a winner! That’s before mentioning that it’s drought-tolerant, doesn’t bolt, tasty to humans but bugs and disease seem to stay away. It’s a great plant!

OK, so this isn’t a true spinach, but most people find the taste more to their liking than the real thing. The dark green triangular leaves are fleshy and used like any other spinach. A nice source of important vitamins.

A trick to getting the seeds started: soak them in hot water for 24 hours first. Plant them in a bit of nice fertile soil and let it do it’s thing. Looks fantastic cascading over the side of planters or rambling around under your veges to keep the soil moist.


Seed type: Heirloom, NZ native 
Days to germination: 10-14 
Days to harvest: from 40 days

Category: greens, salad, spinach, vegetable

Type: Seeds

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