Beet - Perpetual spinach

Perpetual Spinach
Beta vulgaris 
Approx 100 seeds

An easy-going, strong and dependable friend who’s always there for you and really holds the garden together year-round with its good looks. A very popular green that produces masses of tasty leaf well into the second year. Super easy to grow and can handle getting a little hot or dry. If you’ve only got one vegetable in the garden, it better be your pal Perpetual spinach.

Not a true spinach, it is instead a beet. Good flavour, not bitter and lovely as a baby leaf. Pick outer leaves often. Like all spinaches, plant more than you think you can use as it wilts to little in the pan. For a continuous supply, make several sowings throughout the year. Looks good and produces well in a pot if you’re short on space. Loves a well-manured patch.


Sow period Anytime 
Germ. time 10 days 
Height 50cm 
Time till harvest: Micro — Mini 4 weeks Mighty 8 weeks

Category: beet, greens, spinach, vegetable

Type: Seeds

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